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samedi 12 décembre 2009


So that's it. Storyltr is closing down on December 31. This is the best lifestreaming site I had found, perfect for the lazy blogger who still wants to centralize his presence on the web. This site is easy to use, easily customizable and is hosted by external servers. I've tried Sweetcron on my own server but I'm just not good at playing around on new services anymore. Let's face it: there's nothing better out there.

What next? I've decided to drop the idea of having www[dot] as a lifestream. Instead I've promoted my Tumblr as my main site. No more picks[dot], just or www[dot] One less site to manage is bliss!

This also means that the content of my posts on tumblr will change. The classic #1S1D (1 Song 1 Day) exercise will remain though. I might however remove the auto-posts to facebook if the frequency of posts gets too high.

This is the end of lifestreaming for me, and as long as Friendfeed is around, there's still a way to search back in time. The hoarder in me can still sleep tight.

Update: The day later, Storytlr goes open-source! Thank you @eschnou. I'll play with it one day when I'll have time.

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