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dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Externe, enfin

Finally in 4th year! I've been waiting a long time to talk about med stuff on this blog. Now I can, now that I’ll be having my own patients to follow.

While Bongi mentioned his years as a clinical student as extremely hard times, I've battled to reach this level. Indeed I've been officially allowed in Masters 1 (4th year) just 2 days ago so I'm not gona complain (yet) about being at the bottom of the ladder. I'm excited to be here!

While waiting for my exam results, I got to be “l'externe” during 2 weeks (that's how we call a med student working in a French hospital). My current rotation is in cardiology-rhythmology, specifically in the service of Dr Haïssaguerre, known as a pioneer in the surgical treatment atrial fibrillation.

Many patients I've come across are here for ablations as a means of treatment for persistant atrial fibrillations, flutters or junctional tachycardia. However most come in for the day for routine post-ablation checkups. I've also had two ladies screening for Brugada syndrome and one kid came in to rule out a cardiac reason for his frequent black-outs.

Nearly 25% of the patients are from abroad. I’ve met greeks, israelis, canadians, azerbaijanis... It’s pretty fun being summoned by the nurses to help as translator.

I’m slowly learning the job. Typically, I go and meet any new entry, and jot down all my observations. My in-charge (l’interne’ then comes in and I try to match my observations with his/hers.

That’s it.

Truth is that I’m writing this post as a reminder to Adarsh, the internet addict, that the next 3 years will require utmost self-discipline. Medicine has been a well-thought choice. It requires a lot of sacrifice and focus because time will always be limited from now on. This implies access to email, rss feeds and social media stuff at controlled times.

More medical stuff will follow as I come across interesting cases worth sharing. Meanwhile, I hope to be in an EKG pro in the coming weeks.

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