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vendredi 3 juillet 2009

Google Moris

Google Moris

Images - bann zimaz

Groups - bann group

Connect - konekte

Search Google - Resers Google

I’m feeling lucky - Mo ena lasans

Search pages in Mauritius - Resers bann paz depi Moris

Advanced Search - Resers avanse

Preferences - Preferans

Language Tools - Bann zouti lingwistik

About Google - Tou lor Google

Voilà, they did it. now is in Mauritian Creole, the lingua franca of the island. That’s a language that i consider to be only spoken… there’s is no rule to write in Mauritian Creole, it’s all phonetics.  However, there’s been a lot of efforts to write a creole dictionary and Dr Arnaud Carpooran did it. I wonder if they’ll come up with a Mauritian spellchecker in the coming years…

Anyway, that’s a major step for the island and its 1million+ population. Congrats to the collaborators.

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