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mardi 23 juin 2009

Trac-Des-Exams Songs

Now that I'm taking a few weeks' pause from my medical textbooks, I'll have to share a few songs with you, those songs that came to me at 7:30am while I was tying my shoelaces before setting off for exams. It's funny how long-forgotten pieces of music come back to you in times of doubt.
First one is 'Har Taraf' from 2003 movie Saaya. I've no idea how this song could come up. Usually i might have listened to it 2 days ago, but not this time. It's not in my playlist and there's no fuckin radio playing Indian songs here. Why this song ? Har taraf har jagah har kahin pe hai haan usi ka noor (One can find His light everywhere) Is this a sign that I need someone/something to relate to in times of doubt? I know I relate to a light, a certain spirituality via my music be it a bhajan / naat / in fact anything evoking 'khuda, maula, etc'. Or maybe, i just have a cinematic approach to every aspect of life.
On another morning while leaving for exams, it was the song 'Mele Chaliyan' from movie Yahaan (2005), yet another song that doesn't feature in my library. Now this is weird. I've never cared to know what's being said in this song and I've watched the movie only once, but this particular tune has a certain darkness that will stay with me forever. Kudos to Mr Shantanu Moitra.
Yet another dawn gave me 'Rehna Tu' from Delhi-6. OK, I've got an explanation for this one. A.R. Rahman’s last album got released while i was having my 1st semester exams and really stuck with me throughout that exam period. I remember singing Rehna Tu, Masakali, Dil Gira Dafatan and Kaise Mujhe (Ghajini) during my pauses and breakdowns.
My musical mind is always on. Right now, I'm enjoying Kailasa Chaandan Mein. Next on the list is Riceboy Sleeps and then I'll most probably stall for a while on Balmorhea's 'All Is Wild, All Is Silent'. But what I've realized is that no matter how many genres I've tried, Bollywood remains my primary source of emotional content. It pains to find nothing inspiring coming my way these last 2-3 months. So far in 2009, few albums from tinsel town deserve the repeat button: Delhi-6, Dev.D, Luck By Chance, and maybe Gulaal. My level of expectation has definitely gone up.

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