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mardi 11 novembre 2008

Nitin Sawhney London Undersound Tour

I got a train to catch in 4h and i badly need to sleep but I got to jot this down while it's still fresh in my mind.

I'm back from Nitin Sawhney's only concert in France. It was at La Maroquinerie (XXe) and I must say, great moment it was for me.

I already knew what it would be like cuz I had listened to his concert at the BBC Electric Proms in October.

So the show started with a first part by Natty, who was performing for the first time out of the UK. He performed with just a guitar and djembe, and it sure looks promising. I'd be glad to hear him again someday.

Nitin Sawhney unfortunately didn't perform with all his known singers. I particularly missed Reena Bhardwaj. This left Ashwin Srinivasan doing all Indian vocals. Several times, his bansuri was used to replace some other instrument, like Anoushka Shankar's sitar in Charu Keshi Rain and in the revisited version of River Pulse. This boy excelled in every song. For me, he stole the show.

Also present throughout the concert were Tina Grace and Lucy Jones.


Sunset - the track that unleashed Nitin to the world
Immigrant (with special mention of the new US president)
Letting Go - Nitin mentions writing this song with Tina in Paris some 10 years ago.
October Daze - Nicely penned down by Tina
Days of Fire - Natty (The only song from the new album that was known to the French public)
Distant Dreams - Lucy & Tina replaced Roxanne Tataei
Moonrise - Tina replaced Natasha Atlas
Herecica Latino
Homelands - justified excitements upon Ashwin's alaap
Noches En Vela Pt 2
Breathing Light - spotlight on Aref Durvesh
The Conference + Nadia - Who doesn't like the Conference!? And Nadia with a male voice works too!
River Pulse - Nitin on keyboard and Ashwin on flute (Anoushka did this part in London)
Dead Man - roars for Ashwin, Tina & Lucy


Prophesy - Nitin & Aref only. Mindblowing finale.
Charu Keshu Rain - Ashwin replaces Anoushka's sitar

The crowd was blown away despite the absence of so many artists. I hope Nitin wins more fame in France after tonight's show.

(13/11/08) I've made a playlist of songs from the concert available at Grooveshark: go check it out !

(01/02/08) Here's an interview from zikaddict that (looks like) was made on that very day.

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