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mercredi 3 septembre 2008

On Air – Le Retour

After my previous post (i’m talking a lot about music these days), i gota confirm that long quiet hours on the plane or in the TGV are the rare times when I enjoy music albums. Album sales are going down these days now that we can just pick out the tracks we like on iTunes. Hopefully, streaming sites like Deezer, Jogli, Grooveshark and search engines like Songza and Favtape (dunno what’ll happen to Muxtape) give us the ability to listen to practically all tracks on an album so we can decide on spending € 9,99 instead of the € 0,99 for 1 track.

So after 2 months of holidays, i’m going back to Bordeaux and here are the new additions to my ipod.

Music Hole-w100-h100 Camille

Music Hole

Darker Sunset 1-w100-h100 John Metcalfe

Darker Sunset

In Rainbows-w100-h100 Radiohead

In Rainbows

Along The Dusty Road-w100-h100 Niraj Chag

Along The Dusty Road

Taare Zameen Par Background Music-w100-h100 Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Taare Zameen Par BGM

[xDR] Rock On!! - 00 - Booklet 01 (2)-w100-h100 Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Rock On!!


Along with these, some albums might still feature in my playlist.

605b92c008a04d0c1d6da010._AA240_.L.jpg[3] Water (Soundtrack)[3] Hvarf _ Heim-w100-h100[3] silkh3-large-w100-h100[3]
Philtre-w100-h100[3] The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager-w100-h100[3] Qalandar Express-w100-h100[3] Breathing Under Water-w100-h100[9]

Batman Begins stays there until I get hold of The Dark Knight OST. Same goes for Nitin Sawhney’s Philtre; his new album London Undersound will be available on October 13.

ilbzf4-w100-h100Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard

The Dark Knight

SAW_LondonUndersound Nitin Sawhney

London Undersound


That’ll be all for now. Bordeaux, me voilà. My next post will be about my holidays including a critical view of Mauritius as I see it now.

Septembre 03 - 23:40 - Update: I'll finally have the Dark Knight OST on time.

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