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dimanche 27 juillet 2008

Chronicles of Plagiarism in Indian Film Music

Trekker guy, Guru sent me a link to this treasure of a site. I guess, there's no need for me to blog about plagiarism in bollywood anymore. I don't usually reblog here by the way, tumblr is here for that, but here's an exception.

@ Ram Gopal Varma's love for horror films/ horror film theme pieces continues into Sarkar Raj. The composer seems to be getting out of work, ignored and neglected composers to compose music based on his personal fetish. So, in Sarkar Raj (2008), for a musical piece titled, 'Govinda Theme' he gets Bapi Tutul (again!) to lift and Indianize the Main Title theme of Omen II (1978), which had stunning music by Jerry Goldsmith. RGV, being the maverick he is, even accepts this life in his blog - can someone use this against him and sue him, please?
22. I could recollect omen II listening to the tracks of Sarkar Raj.
Ans: - Yes I copied it from there. I saw Omen II seven times in Vijaywada, Leela Mahal just to listen to the title track.
Listen to
Govinda Theme | Omen II - Main

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