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jeudi 28 février 2008

Some ppl are still at it

There are certain aspects in a song that make it an instant hit and Pritam's 'Yeh Ishq Hai' sung by Shreya Ghosal for 'Jab We Met' had these aspects...

Now listen to Angunn's song...

For me this is copying, just like many composers used to do in the '90s, but here Pritam denies it. You decide. Just bear in mind that he did it before in Bhagam Bhag 'inspired' from Tragedie's song Hey Ho that sometimes make me wanna throw up. And he's not the only Indian composer that signs so many contracts that he ends up without inspiration. There are so many examples out there that in Mauritius, there is a radio show on that only!

Let's stop it now. Shall we?

I should defend Pritam though, because Life in a Metro was one of the best albums in 2007. The idea of forming a rock band for a Bollywood movie was impressive.

Un dernier pour la route pour les français? Sandeep Chowta made this song for 'Jungle' in 2000. It's copied from 'Astérix contre César'.

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