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mercredi 10 octobre 2007

I'm still here ¥@$#

Sure, I've been quite away from the blogger map these really isn't easy to express yourself when your depressed...

Truth is I'm having to do my second year again...following not so disastrous results...and this has led me to question my lifestyle.  I'm too often in front of my PC and I'm sure this is THE reason why I didn't do brilliantly as a medical student should be doing..

Anyway, I'm slowing coming back.  I've spent the last weeks just reading my feeds, playing with my facebook profile, watching lots of movies and singing lots of songs...I've also tried new services like lastfm, imified, psi, wesabe, live writer (which I'm using write now), qipit, miro, wakoopa, crossloop....finally I still was on my PC but I didn't want to communicate.  I was rarely seen on IM, not even on my birthday!

But don't worry folks, Ad's back on the road...just give him some time.

In the meantime, check out my shared stuff...

One last thing: hang on Jagjitji, we still need you here

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