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mardi 25 septembre 2007

Dubbing Artists in Bollywood

Hi i'm gonna talk to Bollywood fans. How many of you know Mona Shetty and Viraj Adhav? Not many....even if you hear them very often. They are the dubbing artists of many filmmakers.

Mona Shetty dubbed for Koena Mitra, Lisa Ray, Tara Sharma, Bipasha Basu amongst others

Viraj Adhav dubbed for Muzamil Ibrahim, John Abraham...

I really think that an actor who is starting in the business should be given full chances...looks are not all that matter; voice too makes an producers like Mahesh Bhatt, Sangeet Sivan, give the right opportunity to today's artists. Why do you have the lead actors dubbed by some other person? And when will dubbing itself end in Hindi films?

It's heard that even Ashutosh Gowariker is turning back to it in Jodha-Akbar. I can't imagine big artists like Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan rushing to studios to repeat all they've said on the sets....

Let's ban lip syncing in dialogue scenes...its presence in songs is enough.

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