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samedi 7 juillet 2007


I've been in Mauritius since July 2nd but didn't find the time to post anything till today which also turns out to be the 07/07/07...this date means nothing to me as such (usually the first week of July is always important for me). For sure, the number 7 is a lucky or unlucky number for many also reminds me that my grandpa is waiting for the 08/08/08 when he'll turn 80!

One word resumes the state in which I've found Mauritius after 2 years: deception. However, I won't deal with the issue right now...i've got a detailed report coming up. I'd rather be enthusiastic now that i've met my family members and relatives, seen the beauty of the island (what's left of it at least), tasted the authentic Mauritian cuisine again, and had novel experiences with a certain person ;-)

I'll sign off now...grande soirée chez moi ce soir...

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