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mercredi 2 mai 2007

I miss U

Eh.....i'm talking to my SE k610i. It broke down for 2 days and i really felt alone...not really cuz it's a fone but cuz it's become my own computer.

While still in bed in the morning, i check my Gmail and my Google Reader (using OperaMini)...I've synchronised my Google Agenda with my phone agenda (via Zyb)...i've got MSN with Morange and Crickee...i've got remote access to my PC with RDM+...all my favourite music is in it.

Now if ur phone doesn't respond in the morning of Labour Day, u surely gona be mad.

Conclusion: I've become a slave to technology and that's irreversible.

Come to think of will i live when i'll be back to Mauritius with mediocre internet connections and expensive 3G-coverage?

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