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lundi 2 avril 2007

It's seemingly getting hard for me to update my blog; this new msg is coming almost 1 month late! Maybe i'll just delete it if it doesn't work out.

To catch up with time....i'll say we had a rocking party on 24/03 at the Nieuw Amsterdam Café in Bordeaux. It was 'Soirée Independence Day.' Don't imagine UFOs; it's just to celebrate the independence of Mauritius (12/03/68). It's the concert we held at the start of the party that i'd rather highlight.

In the band u have Fadil (guitar), Hanley (guitar, vocals), Yashvyn (djembe), Akshaye (djembe, vocals), Cedric (vocals) n Me (vocals)

Tracklist: Celia, The Man Who Sold The World (Nirvana), Rev Nous Ancêtres (Cassiya), Grace Kelly (Mika), Ti Marmite, Where Is My Mind (Pixies), Vanité + No Woman No Cry, Sur La Route (De Palmas), Li Tourné

Indeed, that makes quite a mess as we had to deal with a lot of styles, but it was quite satisfying in the end. Photos will come later.

Next concerts will be much better....

I'll end this slot be congratulating Shameem n Vania। These novice DJs will go out for them sur la scène bordelaise!

C'était une soirée organisée par AEMAB, l'association des étudiants mauriciens à Bordeaux. On l'a mise en place l'année dernière. J'espère qu'elle tiendra debout durant de longues années.

Logo by Akshaye

I'll end this msg by publishing my first video: this amazing guy i found on youtube beatboxing with his flute to the inspector gadget tune.

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